Although we always recommend you have your tip installed by a professional cue repair person or cue maker,

We are providing step by step Cue Tip installation instructions below.

Please be careful when using blades and tools.

1. Sample of tools needed.

(Knife, Cutting Board, Box Knife, Sandpaper, Cyanacryolate (Super glue), file and Cue Tip)

2. Using the knife, cut off the tip.

3. Leave some of the tip on the ferrule to ensure you do not damage the ferrule.

4. Carefully shave off more of the tip.

5. Take it to this stage with the knife or chisel blade.

6. Use a box knife to continue to shave off the old tip.

7. You will want a smooth, level surface.

8. Using the sand paper, sand the glue side of the tip.

9. You will see a hint of the printed word "GLUE"

10. Apply the glue to the ferrule

11. Adhere the Kamui™ Cue Tip

12. The Cue Tip should be larger in diameter than the ferrule so that it can be properly shaped.

Make sure the glue is completely dry before shaping.

13. Chisel the excess to start shaping the tip.


14. File the Cue Tip to shape desired.