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Gator Cues X Graphite
Gator Cues X Graphite are on target.

  • More Control. Increased spin on the cue ball means increased control of your play. Gator Cues provides the ability for more spin with less force. With other tips, the need to exert more energy causes a loss in control of your body movement and aim precision. Gator Cues will afford you a reliable cue speed with the benefit of maintaining cue ball distance. In other words, you will make long follow and draw shots with less cue ball speed and more accuracy.
  • More Pockets. Because the Gator Cues affords the luxury of spin with a lower ball speed, you are more to pocket more balls. A slower traveling object ball will easily drop in the pocket as compared to a higher speed object ball.
  • More Reliability. You can hit more center-side with the Gator Cues, limiting miss cues.

Gator Cues decreases deflection.

  • More Consistent. The revolutionary slim tapered shaft is today’s most popular choice for accurate shooting. The Gator Cue shaft offers you the strongest and steadiest stroke while the shaft passes through your fingers offering consistent shooting every time
  • More Accuracy. Let’s face it. It’s tough to hit the same point of the cue ball time and again. By limiting deflection the cue ball will move more consistently and therefore more accurate.
  • More Longevity. Billiards is a target sport. Changing your “weapon” can change your game. Gator Cues X Graphite will maintain its characteristics of play longer because of the high porosity.
  • More Resistant. Warp-proof and damage resistance within the temperature range between -113 degrees F and 167 degrees F.

Gator Cues X Graphite